Club 218

Club 218


Club 218

Because of our unique location and relationship to our community we offer a program that allows guests to hold accounts at Lot One.  Your Club 218 Lot One pre-paid account will be referenced by a name and number.  Picture this: You’re out on a stroll and you want to stop to enjoy a craft cocktail and you don’t have your wallet,  just tell our staff your name and Club 218 number and we will deduct it from your account.  The kids are at the pool and they want some fries or a treat, they can order and put it on your tab.

Your Club 218 account gives you early access to SPECIAL EVENTS like wine dinners, guest chefs and many more opportunities.  It’s that easy.

Stop in and ask a manager and sign up today!






















Becoming a Member

Club 218

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Pool time

After School Treats

Mid-walk Beverage

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