Lick, stick and brick!

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Lick, stick and brick! The FUN stuff has begun! Lot One has seen its first lunch hour craze with the all the different task-masters adding to the mess. Brick walls on the exterior windowed walls are being covered. The tile on the back wall of the kitchen is being installed, and the decorative wood treatment above the kitchen is half done. It’s a frenzy of activity as the floor guys continue to grind and shine the floors in the hall and bathrooms. Lucky the weather doesn’t stop this work from getting done!

Meanwhile our Chefs have had two successful test kitchen runs as we test our menu recipes. This is an outstanding opportunity to work in a decked out kitchen with the assistance of two additional chefs to add guidance and tips. We continue to tweak the menu as needed with this valuable resource guiding us. Next steps… install our OWN kitchen!