Art Hits the Mark

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ART hits the mark!
This weeks highlights are things we’ve asked outside creative-types to show us their craft. Our restaurant architect designed a wine display and bar storage that metal smiths then created fantastic pieces. They are beasts! Cannot wait for installation later in the week.

Our other Artist is a graffiti specialist and she has begun to dress up our hallway near the restrooms. This area will serve as a spot for kids to wait for a table or play our customized old-time video game, giving us a direct opportunity to take charity donations.
It’s hard to keep up with all the deliveries each day, making the opening of this dream just around the corner!

This Saturday is another big step forward for us, we have over 50 candidates scheduled for interviews.  This will help our existing management team select their  teammates for each of their areas, the kitchen, bar and front of house.